Top 5 ways to prepare for home theft, lock and key emergencies

Home Lock and Key emergencies occur from time to time. If you have a mobile 24/7 professional locksmith like Nonstop Locksmith on your speed dial, you are almost certain that all your lock and key woes will be solved on arrival of a locksmith. If you do not have a locksmith beforehand and want to keep yourself prepared for emergencies that may occur as a result of theft, key loss or lock damages, here are 5 top strategies that will help you manage the situation before a professional locksmith in St. Kilda, Melbourne arrive.

1.               Remain focused and try the basics


If you experience a key-lock issue such that you are unable to turn in a lock, you may not need to call a locksmith in St. Kilda, Melbourne right away as the issue may simply arise due to dirt, debris or lack of lubrication in the lock. First, try the common solution which involves using WD-40 or Silicone lubes on the lock – this fixes the problems in every 4 out of 10 cases. It is therefore imperative that you have lubricant lying around the house.


2.               If you are going to use a fancy lock, use it on a worthy door


Professional locksmiths in St. Kilda, Melbourne have advised that people use locks that rank at least grade 2 on the lock performance scale to secure their valuables. If deadbolts are to be used, it is important to verify that the bolts have a proper security plate. Safety reports have said that in every 6 out of 10 instances, Burglars will use forcible entry to gain access rather than pick the locks. To this effect, it is simply logical that the door that is to be guarded by the security lock is just as rigid. There is little logic in using expensive locks on frail doors that can easily be kicked in.


3.               Forget about the doormat


In a bid to reduce the consequences of misplaced and lost keys, most people will keep a spare in a retrievable place. This is not a bad idea, far from it even, but the rising issue is that the doormat seems to be the most common hiding place for the majority of home owners. If Locksmiths, kids and friends know this, you can be sure that Burglars do too. Rather than presenting your key on a gold platter some 10 feet away from your lock, keep a spare with a trusted neighbor or at a friend’s.



4.               Keep a Locksmith’s contact in your phone

You’d do well to find yourself a reliable locksmith service provider in St. Kilda, Melbourne and keep their contact in your phone days before you might even need their services. This will not only save you the stress of reaching out to your Locksmith on days where their services are needed, but would also reduce the chances of falling a victim of fraudulent and underqualified locksmiths in the case of emergencies.


5.               Do not hesitate to call a mobile or emergency Locksmith in delicate cases


If you have a potential hazard that could lead to life-threatening damage or could constitute high asset and valuables loss, you should hit your emergency Locksmith in St. Kilda, Melbourne up as soon as possible. In cases where you have Children trapped in the house or in cars, you should not hesitate to put a call through as there could be exposure to harmful objects or temperatures that can have adverse effects on health. If you have a gas leak, water overflow, leaking pipes or left a stove cooking and can’t seem to get in, you’d do well to weigh the consequences and instantly reach out to a Professional emergency locksmith service provider in St. Kilda, Melbourne like Nonstop Locksmiths.

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