Top 5 tips to avoid being locked out of your home

Lockouts happen for a number of reasons which may be as a result of our own doing or due to other reasons beyond our control. Either your lockout is due to the former or the latter, one thing we all know is that being stuck outside is something unpleasant at the very least, in more serious cases and emergencies, a lockout may be life-threating and could lead to the damage of many valuables.

To make sure that you never face the frustration of being unable to enter your home, here are some trustworthy advice that will keep you in charge:


1.      Always do a double check

Performing a double check of your keys before leaving your home or workplace will make sure that you do not leave them lying indoors before locking up. You should try to continue with this habit till it becomes a habit and routine and some of the few ways that you can achieve include using visual and virtual reminders. You can set a reminder some 10 minutes before the time you always leave your home for work and vice versa. You can also hang your keys close to your door so that is the last thing you see before shutting the door.


2.      Use a spare key

Most people do not have spares for their important locks and in the long list of things to have spare keys for, apartment and house keys rank pretty high. To get started, visit a local locksmith in Oakleigh, Melbourne to make a spare from your original key. Having a spare means that you can gain access when you have lost one of your keys. 


3.      Use a Key buddy

Apart from making a spare, another way to avoid key losses and lockouts is to share your key with someone. Having a key buddy is a great way to keep track of your key. If you have a spare, it would be a great idea to keep a piece each. Should either person lose their key, they can simply request for the spare to allow entry into the apartment. It is noteworthy that you try to duplicate the spare with your key buddy as you never can tell when the need will arise again. Speak to a locksmith in Oakleigh, Melbourne immediately afterwards to help in replacing your key.


4.      Retrieve a master key from your Landlord

When you have been locked out of your apartment with the keys inside, you can quickly reach out to your Landlord to retrieve a master key if possible. A master key is a key that opens all door locks in the building and will only be available with someone that has top level access to the building.


5.      Have a local locksmith ahead of time

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. While no one knows the day that these emergencies will come knocking, having a locksmith’s contact before time is a great idea that will save you a lot of time and money when you are locked out. Mobile locksmiths in Oakleigh, Melbourne are readily available to help you solve your lockout challenges in a matter of time.


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