To Rekey or Replace locks – here’s how to choose which is best for you

When locks falter, the common solution that is tried most of the time is to replace the locks. In fact, so uncommon is rekeying locks that a wide number of people are not familiar with the term. Rekeying and Replacing locks are two different things and with a Professional Locksmith in Windsor, Melbourne at your disposal, you are one step closer to picking what is best suited for you. Today, we have evaluated both options as well as some brief advantages that will help to make your mind.



In the simplest way possible, Rekeying involves the process of readjusting the internal architecture and mechanisms of a lock so that it begins to function well with a different key without posing any safety compromise to the security of your home. Essentially the process is cost-effective as you get to keep the old locks while using new keys for their access. This can be particularly useful if you have the need to change your access while on a tight budget. Rekeying is a highly challenging process and can/should only be attempted by a professional Locksmith in Windsor, Melbourne.

To rekey a lock, the body of the existing lock is retained and the Locksmith will have to gain entry to the lock cylinder. The locks will be temporarily removed from the door and the key pins that are housed therein will be calibrated by several rearrangements and realignments to work with a new set of keys. Once this is done, the locks will not work with the previous keys. Some advantages of rekeying include:

·       Quickness and ease

Once handled by a professional locksmith in Windsor, Melbourne, the process of rekeying locks is very quick and easy

·       Cost effectiveness

Rekeying uses the initially installed locks and is significantly less costly than having the locks totally replaced.


·       Increased security

There is an increased sense of security once you have rid your locks of previous keys that somebody could have had access to albeit the security may be limited.


Replacing Locks

Replacement on locks involve the total do-over of the existing security locks by replacing the existing door locks and keys with a newer one. Lock replacement also take longer time and effort on the part of the Professional locksmith and will cost you more money than rekeying although it comes with its benefits too. If you plan to replace your locks, make sure that you get a lock that is of higher quality and more sophistication as directed by your locksmith. A couple of advantages of replacing your locks include:

·       Significantly improved security

New locks offer improved security and rids your locks of duplicates and forged key entries

·       Ability to upgrade

Since you are not retaining your previous locks, you have the ability to get something that offers advanced protection as newer models with better sophistication will now be available in the market

·       Ability to customize your controls

Replacing your locks with digital and electronic solutions allow you to seamlessly customize your security preferences

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