If you want to take out a loan to get a home loan, you have to pay interest on the borrowed money. This interest is, so to speak, the payment for a bank to provide the money it needs.

There are different types of interest with the debit interest (nominal interest), the effective interest or the default interest.

Building interest calculator that takes on this task. All you have to do is enter certain numbers in an online form.

The most important figures for the calculation of building interest are:

  • Value of the property (250,000 USD)
  • Equity capital (USD 100,000)
  • Amount of the loan (150,000 USD)
  • Borrowing rate maturity (20 years)
  • Redemption rate (initially, 3%)

The building interest calculator then uses these values ​​to calculate the effective interest rate, the borrowing rate and the monthly rate.

A small sample calculation can clarify the calculation:

Assuming that a builder has calculated using the above figures, the building rate calculator shows an effective annual interest rate of 1.80%, a fixed debit rate of 1.76% and a monthly rate of 595 USD. The amount of the remaining debt after the borrowing period has expired is approximately USD 42,220.

  • Due to the complexity of the calculation for building interest, it is advisable to use an interest calculator available on the Internet. By entering different values ​​for the loan amount or the initial repayment rate, it is possible to find out when a building loan is financially feasible.

Interest rate development 

Interest rate development 

The lower the level of building interest, the cheaper a loan is generally for the customer. On the other hand, if interest rates are at a high level, it can pay off to wait a bit longer until interest rates fall again.

Even the positions after the decimal point can decide whether construction financing is possible or leads to immense additional costs.

  • Use our practical interest rate chart to find out more about the interest rate developments in recent months and years.

1 week 1 month 6 months 1 year 3 years

Interest rates and offers mortgages based on them. In order to be able to use the cheapest offer, it is worth comparing the interest rates.

Above all, the effective annual interest rate offered by the banks should be compared. It contains not only the interest on the loan amount itself, but also other fees for processing or provision as well as other costs. In contrast to the nominal interest rate, it is therefore the more meaningful value.

An important criterion when comparing building rates is the equity you have contributed. The higher this amount, the lower the interest the bank will charge. The duration of the borrowing rate also has a major impact on the level of interest rates.

Repayment of mortgage lending with interest often decades.

Example: A building loan of USD 100,000 is taken out. The repayment (without interest) amounts to five percent per year.

Even if the family did not have to pay interest on the loan, the loan would only be returned to the bank after 20 years. It is part of the building loan to be aware of this responsibility. And keep in mind that a lot can change over this term.

Flexible loan terms pay off

Flexible loan terms pay off

The example shows how little the interest ultimately has on the building money. If you want to get solid home finance on your feet, you have to keep different aspects in mind.

What happens if I make more money? Or less money can be found in the household budget due to a change of job.

Amortization rate changes ensure that the loan is adaptable to a certain extent. Few mortgage lenders allow this option more than twice during the borrowing period. Loans are often found in which this option is not provided.

Especially where higher bonus payments or one-off payments such as Christmas bonuses await, the inflow of capital can be invested in debt relief for your home. The special repayment allows repayments outside the defined repayment schedule.

There are differences between zero and ten percent on the market. Many banks work here with up to five percent special repayments a year. A bonus that you should definitely try to use.

Partly variable loans allow more flexibility in repayment, but can also quickly become more expensive when it comes to interest. An aspect that you have to keep in mind.