Gutter Guards Ultimate Guide

Gutters are meant to allow quick and easy passage of water. But sometimes, due to some unavoidable reasons, gutters end up getting choked up and clogged. There is nothing worse than a choked-up gutter that spills all its water out and does not allow it to pass through. Here is when gutter guards come into picture. They ensure that gutters remain in their proper working conditions and do not fall prey to any form of uneasiness to the surrounding, and hence you can guard your gutters well.

Types of gutter guards:

There are plenty different types of gutter guards depending on the type of gutter or your preference. Some are just metal sheets made up tiny holes. This is called a mesh guard which doubles up as cover for the drainage. It prevents any hazardous material from entering inside. In spite of the presence of a gutter mesh, it is always recommended to subject your gutter to occasional cleaning.

There is another type called the nylon gutter guard. It is unique and exceptional, and different from other guards since it prevents the build-up of snow over the gutter. This ensures that water does not remain standstill and continues to flow.

Some other guards are foam gutter guards which do the job of ceasing any plastic debris from getting inside the gutter. The fit directly over the top and is a really good and economical solution to gutter choking. It is a good idea to invest in gutter protection of such a sort to save the hassle of going through the cleaning procedure.

Pros and Cons of using Gutter Guards:

Sometimes, gutter guards themselves end up becoming the reason for gutter blockage. It is quite common for plenty of garbage to accumulate over the top of the gutter mesh which makes it even difficult to clean up. Gutter guards become almost impossible to cleanse once they are loaded with rubbish and piled upon by garbage.

Also, gutter guarding is not a fool proof way of preventing blockage, but getting a professional cleansing done is. Many a times, the guarding systems cost more financial investment than a professional cleaning method would. In such cases, it is better to regularly clean up your gutters instead of installing gutter guard.

The biggest advantage of gutter guards is that the process of cleaning becomes much simpler. It is easier to pick up papers, leaves, and twigs off the gutter mesh than go down all the way into the gutter in order to pull the unwanted accumulated rubbish from there.


Though gutter guards are designed to do their job exceptionally well, it is important to take care of and guard your gutters in the first place. Not allowing any kind of rubbish or plastic waste to pile up in it is the beginning of many different ways that can be put to use to avoid gutter blockage. Putting up a gutter mesh or gutter guards is just a preventive measure, but regular cleaning is always recommended, regardless of gutter guards.

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