Easy steps for gutter installation.

A major part of a home improvement is the installation of gutters as well. It is a wise decision not to look past the gutters in your home. Well installed gutters will keep away the water from your home which may cost you a lot if the gutters were poorly installed. The question now comes, how can you install gutters correctly?
As much as the installation of gutters may sound overwhelming to perform, the process is actually easy to undertake. 
Steps to take before installing new gutters.
First, you should prepare all the needed materials for installing gutters. Identify the area that will channel water away. This is done by making a survey of the exterior of your house and deciding how water from the roof goes away. Assess roof ends and count the number of segments you may need. Remember gutters hold the water as it is drained. Add allowance to the measurements you take all for adjustment reasons.
Determine the length of the gutter run and calculate also the length and number of downspouts. In case of an old gutter system that operated efficiently, you maintain the measurements with the new system. Make a list of all the materials for purchase. 
After measurement and the gutter run is 35 feet or less, then the highest point of the run will be at an end and the run slope downward to the downspout. The high point will be at its center with run sloping down to respective downspouts on both sides, in case it doesn’t exceed 35 feet. Let the high point be an inch for both lengths below the fascia where the gutters attach and slope ¼ inch for every 10 feet of run. Make a guide to follow by snapping a chalk line.
Gutter installation steps.
Use deck screws to install the downspout outlets. Install them close to the run and not at its end along the chalk line and also at end of the house. Now at intervals of 24 inch, attach the gutter hangers properly to the fascia by using the deck screws. From the roof ends approximately one inch, fasten them leaving space for gutter cups at the ends.
Cover all corners not featuring a downspout and not at end of a run with gutter covers. Use a hacksaw to cut gutter sections to fit between the downspout outlet and the roof end. Following correctly the chalk line, on the end place a cup, into a downspout outlet nearby snap the gutter section and the now hook the gutter onto the hangers. 
To avoid water leaks, apply ant-leaking sealants properly to gutter sections. Now to finish your installation, cut drainpipes and fit between elbow joint of the downspout outlet and joint on the wall and also between the ground and the wall elbow.
Remember the process is not a one-man exercise, hence, get some help from a friend or a family member. Also, when attaching the gutters use a ladder and to make your installation a success make sure your downspout drains into a proper channel.

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