5 Ways to Protect Your Gutter

The gutters on your roof play an important role in your home. Beyond the clear fact that it ensures water from rainfall is properly drained, it adds to the architectural beauty of your house. While these are interesting advantages of having rain gutters, you need to put in real efforts to ensure you protect your gutters from damage. A question you may be asking yourself is: How do I protect my gutters? Well, try these five ideas.

Keep The Leaves Away
This is not something everyone has to deal with but almost anyone who lives in a house that has gutters has to deal with. Dead leaves from nearby trees will often drop into these gutters and this is just the beginning of possible clogging. Clogged gutters will not allow for proper drainage of rain water; a condition that could result into mild erosion (when the water overflows) or rotting of nearby wooden parts of your roof. A weekly, biweekly or monthly leaf evacuation routine has proven to be the best approach to doing this.

Gutter Protection Involves Gutter Fixing
It is common among many homeowners to procrastinate the repair of broken gutters and this is not a good practice. Such damages often spread faster when not quickly fixed, especially in areas that are prone to storms and blizzards. The real threat here is that you could forget the damage completely, particularly if it occurred just towards the end of spring. By the time the damage is discovered in the next rain season, it could have been worse, or even caused more damage to other parts of the house. 

Use gutter guards
This explains itself. For most homeowners, gutter protection begins with the purchase of durable water guards. There are various types of them; made from various materials, all available to you. The idea here is that these guards will allow only water to flow through your gutters – leaves and all other forms of debris will be obstructed. But then, you may still have to do some manual leaves evacuation from time to time if there are many trees close to your home. 

The Material of Your Gutter Matters
Since you will be living in the house for a long time, it is recommended you construct your gutters with high quality materials. Materials that corrode easily will often leave holes in your gutters in no time distant. This is accompanied by water drippings which can damage wooden parts of your home’s exterior or corrode other metallic parts of your home’s exterior too. Go for coated materials with proven resistance to corrosion.

Prune Nearby Trees
This is one of the least implemented gutter protection strategies. Consider the logic behind it. The leaves which fall into your gutters come from nearby trees, and these trees are often taller than your roof or at the same level and close enough. This arrangement makes it easy for dead leaves from taller trees to simply land in your roof and gutters, while the roof-level ones will brush against the gutters – depositing leaves in the process. Armed with a pair of secateurs, you will be doing your gutters a lot of good by trimming the leaves and branches of those garden trees that are intruding.

These strategies do not guarantee your gutters will live forever. Nothing can guarantee that. But they will help your gutters resist the vagaries of weather for a very long time.

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