5 warning signs that show that your locksmith is unreliable

There are often more legitimate locksmiths than frauds or inexperienced ones. However, except you can comfortably drive around to evaluate every locksmith and genuity of their business in the case of emergencies (which you can’t), you might be left with Google and Yellow pages as your feasible options to quickly pick out a locksmith in the case of an emergency.


If this is the case, here are five warning signs to look out for that can help you quickly spot signs of incompetence and unreliablilty in any locksmith, and avoid incurring scams or more significant damages to your property.


1.     No company name or Logo


The first sign that should put you on alert is the absence of a company name or logo on  arrival of your locksmith in Dandenong, Melbourne. Be wary of locksmith  services that answer calls with generic names like “Locksmith” and be sure to look out for the company’s emblem and logo on the car, overall or business papers. Locksmiths in Dandenong, Melbourne that do not have a defined company name or carry any emblem are most likely frauds and may even pose a security threat to your property.


2.     Extra low prices


Whenever you receive an usually cheap price from a locksmith in Dandenong, Melbourne, you can expect two things; Substandard service or extra damage in most cases. Some locksmiths have ads that promise low charges to pull clients in, but end up billing more than necessary on the job. Be sure to ask for a quote over the phone and if you experience any sign of hesitance, do not take the risk of agreeing that the locksmith comes over.





3.     Lack of composure


Some locksmiths are actually genuine but may have limited experience in dealing with certain aspects of locksmith services. If this is the case, you’d notice a lack of composure and fidgeting when the locksmith is working. This is a good way to determine the level of confidence of the locksmith and shows his experience in a wide array of related cases. Professional locksmiths in Dandenong, Melbourne will show a level of elegance and composure when working even when you cast a shadow over their dealings. Unreliable locksmiths will however not have enough confidence and it will show as they make one mistake too many while fixing your locks or replacing the keys.


4.     Service delivery


Another way to determine the level of reliability and professionalism of a locksmith in Dandenong, Melbourne is by the way and manner the services are rendered right from the arrival time to the quality of the last job.This is particularly helpful if you are considering a locksmith for a second time. Evaluating how long and how effective the first solution that the locksmith provided can be a guide to determining reliability. If you have dealt with a locksmith and have a recurring problem or if the initial solution was short-lived, it is a good indication that the should find yourself another locksmith in Dandenong,Melbourne.


5.     Drilling your locks


There are few cases, scratch that, There are very rare cases where your locks cannot be picked but need to be drilled. If you find yourself in the service of a locksmith in Dandenong,Melbourne that requests to drill your locks without considering all available options first, you have your final indicator that you should pack and run. You should be most wary of the locksmith did not work on the locks for more than a few minutes before reaching such conclusion. When a locksmith profers drilling a new lock as a solution, you will need to page for a new lock in addition to the earlier accrued charges. In most cases, getting a second opinion is always a smart way to go.


Security is of utmost importance and as such, trial and error should not be tolerated. Get yourself in touch with the best and most reliable locksmith services in Dandenong, Melbourne that provide swift and affordable services on regular basis and in times of emergencies. Nonstop locksmith services are the leading service provider with higher arrival and quality in Melbourne.

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