Month: February 2020

Find cheap credit through loan calculation

A credit calculation makes it possible to get precise ideas about the total financing or repayment expenses before the actual borrowing.

If you include the most important parameters of real estate financing in the calculation, you can determine the cheapest option for your own financing project in a subsequent comparison of different offers and financing options.

The most important parameters of the loan calculation include, for example, the interest rate, details of the repayment or the desired loan amount.

With practical online calculators, the loan calculation is usually quick and free of charge.

Credit calculation with the loan calculator

Credit calculation with the loan calculator

With the help of a loan calculator on the Internet, anyone interested can have their loan calculated themselves. Only a few details are required for this, including:

  • the desired loan amount
  • Start date of the loan
  • the desired term
  • possible consideration of special repayments.

Within a few seconds, future borrowers will be shown the appropriate information from various banks. The monthly rate is also given directly. Interested parties can now change their entries based on this information.

For example, a longer term can be entered in the loan calculator, which leads to a lower monthly loan rate.

  • A loan calculation should be tailored to the different loan types. For example, an annuity loan requires a different calculation than a repayment loan. Therefore, use specific calculators that contain parameters adapted to the respective loan form. At you will find our most important calculators for all common types of credit.

Loan calculation of installment loans

Amount of credit Interest per month Processing fee Duration in months Cost of processing fees Interest expenses Total cost installment loan Monthly loan installment

From the loan calculation to the repayment plan

A sensible and realistic loan calculation can serve as a starting point for the repayment plan. The entire repayment history of the selected form of financing is recorded in this plan. It serves as the most important and binding guide for the borrower.

The repayment schedule contains all the time and financial information on the installments, interest and repayments.

Tips for your own loan calculation

Tips for your own loan calculation

The following aspects should be considered when calculating credit:

  • choose the shortest possible term of the loan
  • Do not take out residual debt insurance for small loans (only recommended for construction and real estate loans)
  • Increase creditworthiness (by adding a second borrower with regular income)
  • Many banks pay less interest on collateral

It is also important:

  • Calculation is based on the APR (fees are included, APRs include all the costs of a loan)
  • Additional fees (e.g. residual debt insurance) may apply.
  • Borrowers should check whether a processing fee is allowed at all. The Federal Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that processing fees for many loans are not permitted.

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Private loans can open completely new doors – quickly and easily

Private loans have a pronounced negative tone in many people’s ears. It is time to kill the myth that private mortgages are associated with death and destruction because this is far from the truth.

A private loan can clearly be an absolutely sensible solution to a great many financial problems and the market for private loans has in recent years developed in a very favorable direction for us as consumers. There are now quite a number of private loan providers in the market, and this gives many opportunities to choose a private loan that fits perfectly with the needs of the borrower.

If you end up in a situation where the economy is not right and you feel that everyday life is stalling, a private loan can be a really sensible way to take if you want to give yourself some new experiences. You can recharge your batteries with a trip and thus relax and get a break from everyday life.


No security requirements

private loans

When you take out a private loan, you will also quickly discover that it is much easier to borrow money through this method than with the bank. It is, for example, no requirement to provide security when borrowing money on the internet. Here you apply for a loan online and the application is handled very quickly so you have the money in the account almost immediately. This also means that the decision to go on an exciting trip can be completely spontaneous because you do not have to save up for several months here. You can travel already tomorrow!

In addition, you do not have to worry about all the classic problems of having to book meetings at the bank and almost get down on your knees to maybe get close to borrowing USD 50,000 for consumption. Borrowing such an amount, however, is no problem when choosing to apply for it on the Internet.

Many horror stories were heard about people who have borrowed money in this way, but it can only be said that it is myths. If you think about your opportunities and your finances, a private loan can open a lot of doors that otherwise would have been locked before. Borrowing money on the Internet can, from one day to another, give everyday life a whole new life.


There are so many different types of private loans today

private loans today

That you can always find a good solution. There are loans that focus on keeping interest rates low and loans that focus on maturity and loans that focus on making it easy and easy to get hold of.

This also means that there are no major and unreasonable demands on the borrower when borrowing money. The typical requirements that are set are age and that you do not have payment notes.

The competitive situation in the market has clearly also helped to create good conditions for the borrower.

That being said, it is clearly worthwhile to look into the possibilities of private loans on the Internet.

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